Buck In A Row - A CNC Machined Strategy Game

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Connect 4, with a twist!

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Each participant is expected to provide their own quarters. Quarters are deposited with the head side of the quarter such that it is visible to the depositor and tails facing the competitor. Doing so will make it so that each player sees their own heads and the competitor’s tails. The first player to align the head side of 4 quarters in a row creating a “Buck” wins the game and keeps all quarters that were deposited throughout the game. A Buck In A Row can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. A player that deposits a quarter in the wrong direction, i.e. tails facing themselves, automatically loses the game so you want to pay attention! 
Contents include the Buck In A Row Game, and now includes 1 Tic Tac Toe coin holder. You must provide the quarters.


This game is a limited stock item. We only produce this game 3 or 4 times a year. You can however request it when out of stock to hold a place in line!

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