Expedition Wallet

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A minimalist inspired, front pocket, EDC wallet 


When we travel, we travel light.

Carrying redundant items takes valuable space. We trim our items down to the bare necessities to get us through our adventure. For us, a trek through the canyons of Moab, Ut may happen the same day we venture off to grab some groceries for the week. The Expedition Wallet is perfect for days such as these.

Manufactured right here at Wastük Supply Company, in Denver, Colorado, the Expedition series of wallets are made from solid 6061-T6 aluminum making the wallet 100% RFID blocking. It utilizes precision grade ball detents to hold snap and hold the lid closed. The coating is a rugged anodized finish available in a wide range of colors.

The Compact Expedition Wallet holds 4 raised letter credit cards internally. You can hold cash, business cards and licenses on the outside. External items are retained by a durable Buna-N O-Ring to ensure safe transport.

The Large Expedition Wallet includes all of the same features that make the compact so great but adds additional storage for 2 more, internally stored, raised letter credit cards. large is currently.out of stock

When adventure is in front of you, simplicity, durability, and protection are paramount.


  • Length = 3.90"
  • Width = 2.625"
  • Thickness = .350"
  • Weight = 3.1 oz.

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