EDC Wallet - Pattern, AR Magazine

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A mechanical front pocket wallet that slides open to protect credit cards and cash from everyday use. 

The wallet is first machined from solid 6061-T6 Aluminum for its durability and lightweight properties. We then tumble the parts in a ceramic media to remove any machining burrs and create an even, uniform finish. Finishing off the process is a durable anodized coating. During assembly, we install ball detent spring plungers that will lock the lid in the closed position but still allow for easy one-handed opening. The ball detents are also preloaded to the lid to ensure the wallet remains rattle free while stowed in your pocket. 18-8 stainless steel dowel pins are then installed to secure the lid to the base. Lastly, a Buna-N silicon o-ring is installed to allow for additional external storage.

Dimensions =.350"x3.90"x2.625"- 3.1 oz

Weight = 3.1 oz

Capacity = 4-5 raised letter cards internally, additional credit cards, business cards and cash externally.

O-Ring dimensions = .0625" cross section, 2.625" diameter.


**Blems are wallets that have some imperfection but still function as they should. i.e. bad anodizing, small scratch etc.**

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